Analytics Trends 2016. The next evolution

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As we enter our third year of identifying the analytics trends that are likely to influence the trajectory of the business world in coming years, it’s clear that some trends aren’t going away. Instead, they are evolving at a rapid pace. In the world of science, such rapid evolution demands closer analysis—and the same is true with these analytics trends. They deserve a fresh look.

Meanwhile, others have a short half-life. They enter the conversation quickly and converge just as fast, and soon they are assimilated. By that time, they’re not trends –they’re reality. Take the topic of big data, for example. A few years ago, it was treated as an up-and-coming trend. Now it’s just the air we breathe in analytics, influencing business strategy and commanding substantial investment every day. Perhaps that’s why Google Trends search analysis shows that the term, which had strong growth beginning in late 2010, is experiencing decline. This year, we’re taking stock of a mix of both new and familiar topics that are shaping an “everywhere analytics” world–where analytics, science, data, and reasoning are embedded into the decision-making process, every day, everywhere in the organization. Six significant trends are in play.

Descubre las seis tendencias de este año en el informe ‘Analytics Trends 2016. The next evolution’, de Deloitte, del número 110 de la revista impresa de Observatorio de Recursos Humanos.


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